Everyone should have an excellent financial manager. High wealth individuals such as successful business owners, professional athletes, and celebrities have used financial managers for decades to help them generate more wealth, manage cash flows, direct business operations, and to provide qualified oversight of financial advisors, tax accountants, attorneys, insurance agents, and other professionals. As with many of the other benefits of prosperity, financial management services have largely been unavailable to the working class or to emerging businesses during their growth cycle.
PTMG, LLC was established with the specific purpose of providing financial management services to all that have the desire to improve their financial health at a cost specific to the needs of our clients. Some of our areas of expertise are: 
– New Business Start-up/Acquisition
– Business Consulting
– Business Incorporation/Organization
– Labor/HR Consulting
– Vendor Negotiations
– Lease/Contract Review
– Income Tax Consulting
– Registered Agent Services
– First-Time Home Acquisition Analysis
– Auto Purchase Analysis
– College/Trade School Cost Analysis
– Trust and Estate Administration
– Major Purchase Analysis
– Wedding Cost Analysis 
Please ask us about our Select Service Money Back Guarantee. Some of our competitors profit from their clients whether they are able to assist them or not.  Our primary focus is to help our clients improve their financial positions. If that does not occur, we will refund our fees as agreed.  
PTMG, LLC is honored to be in our clients’ circles of trust and appreciates the opportunity to help prospective clients pursue their dreams.


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